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ICVMTT34 Topics

May 20-21, 2014     Kyiv, Ukraine

The subject matter of the Conference covers theoretical and experimental studies in thermogravimetry, calorimetry, sorptometry and measurement of chemisorption, physisorption, surface reactions, magnetic properties, surface tension etc. The reports on progress in instrumentation should deal with microbalance, thermal analysis and techniques including supplementary equipment and corresponding coupling techniques.

  • Gravimetric measurements of materials: sorbents, catalysts, polymers, nanomaterials, magnetics, pharmaceutics etc.
  • Thermal analysis and coupling techniques: DTA, DSC, TMA, TDA, EGA, TGA-MS, TGA-IR etc.
  • Thermal analysis apparatus, microbalances and relevant equipment.
  • Practical applications of gravimetric and thermal investigations in chemistry and engineering, in material sciences, in medicine, pharmacy, life sciences, food chemistry, environmental science etc.

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