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Appeal of the President of Association “Carbon” in Ukraine


Dear Colleagues!

            The chemical element Carbon, simple compounds and materials on its base constantly attract attention of the specialists in the field of natural sciences – chemistry, physics, materials technology, geology, biology and medicine. The exclusive role of carbon for organic world is self-evident but “inorganic” carbon is no less interesting, varied and amazing. Really, none of an element of the Periodic System does not form such broad variety of simple substances which have the physical forms and characteristics typical both for amorphous and for crystalline states. Amongst them insulators and semiconductors, materials with metallic conduction, dia- and paramagnetism, superhardness and superplasticity, high thermal conductivity and superhigh heat-insulating ability, compactness and high dispersion, most developed amongst adsorbents porosity and specific surface, standard transparency and absolute opacity (black body) are to be found.

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